The Art of Collectibles™


What is a Collectograph™? Simply put, it is a photograph of a collectible item. The purpose of Collectograph™ images is to bring coveted memorabilia out of the realm of the private collector into public view for all to enjoy.

Most people will never get to see or appreciate the hidden gems once memorabilia is acquired by a private collector, so I look for collectors who will allow me to glorify and celebrate their pieces.

To create these stunningly simple images, I dig into the essence of the memorabilia and attempt to give it life. I feel the scars and blemishes should not be hidden, as they are part of the object’s history and glory days. Sometimes I will just hold an object, feeling its weight and texture, while viewing it from many angles to find something unique and special to highlight. I also use information obtained from the owners about what makes this object desirable. Then, using point of view, composition and lighting, I lead viewers on a journey beyond the obvious, giving them a sense of what the object is like, what makes it special and offering a glimpse at its past.

The simple art of the forms and shapes are delicately interwoven and highlighted to attract in a subtle manner. I have been told that my images have a haunting quality about them. Take your time looking at each image to discover its hidden charm. You can almost feel the presence of the players who used the items, as if their spirits are still present. Look long enough and you may hear the voices of the games played long ago. I hope you will enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed creating them. To see more of my work, go to White Point Imaging.


  • The artistic quality of Tony Dube's images pay homage to baseball's past in a reverent historical manner.  The solemn nature of his images draws one in, creating a deep sense of reflection.Tom Patenude ~ Art Enthenthusiast


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