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Major Learning Curve!

I’m almost ready to ship my 2014 Vintage Baseball calendar and comps of the new 2015 calendars off! They should go out on Wednesday. I have had the clock ticking in my head for several weeks now saying you HAVE to get these proofed and sent off.  Barns & Noble as well as are waiting! Well, not really waiting as they don’t know these exist yet, but they do have deadlines.  I am fast approaching both companies deadlines and fear that if I miss them, it will be another “building” year rather than one of potential profit. My hope is that both companies see what  incredible gems I have created and order thousands of each! Finger’s crossed!! So what’s been the hold up? Me. My ability to learn new software, make the changes to the layouts and proof them out. It has been a struggle learning Adobe Illustrator as well as InDedsign.  One simple task can me take hours where someone with basic knowledge can complete it in minutes I’m sure.  Both of my designers (Vintage Baseball by Tripp Fischer Design and Vintage Toys by William Peebles) have been very helpful to me as my ineptness needs a lot of hand holding and coaching. I can’t even begin to describe the days spent trying to proof the calendars at 100% (which is larger than my printer is supposed to print). Sending off the package will get me through phase one, getting the examples in the hands of  the big guns for consideration.  Next will be shooting more collectors and finishing all the pages. I need about 5 more Toy collectors to round out 2015 Vintage Toys, do you know any?  Let me know! Please follow my blog via email so you will be notified as they are posted, I’m sure you don’t want to miss a thing. Have fun! Tony Dube

Brett Lowman Interview

Brett Lowman has been so helpful to me over the years, I can’t thank him enough for his generosity.  We met a few years back when Tom Zappala asked me to work on his first book,  The T206 Collection, The players and their stories, then on another, The Cracker Jack Collection, Baseball’s Prized players.  I created the illustrations used between the chapters as well as random bits for design elements used throughout. He generously loaned me anything I needed for my images so there were a lot of trips to his home, for just one more glove, bat or ball! Last year he loaned me close to 75 gloves, some baseballs, a few bats and a trophy to create my Christmas Tree of Gloves card. (You can see a time lapse video of me creating the card if you look a few blogs back.)  If you are interested in Vintage Baseball memorabilia, either buying or selling, give Brett a call. Please  see his website  Have a look at my interview with him, you will enjoy meeting him.  Thank you Brett!

Feeding The Soul

I was told several years ago that through my commercial work, I was simply feeding my wallet, but in the process I was starving my soul.  What this means is that I was simply going to the studio and grinding out assignment after assignment, only being as creative as the client of the day wanted.  It seems, most were very satisfied with basic images on a white background. I fell into the doldrums and felt it was just a job, and I had lost the creative spark that pulled me into photography in the first place. The process of reigniting the passion for my craft and feeding my soul was a necessity, so I went back to my roots and first love, creating images of my natural surroundings.  Now, because of many years in the studio, my eye has been carefully honed, and my thought processes keenly developed, the world looks very different now. Expressing my creativity through photography (food for my soul) has once again become fulfilling. In the last year or so, I have found that I have gravitated toward flowing water.  Movement  of water along the rocks mixed with the rich sounds and smells of nature provide a nutrient rich meal I have hungered for. The process of creation is now so fulfilling that the results are secondary. Here are just a few samples of my wanderings in the cold, I hope you enjoy them. Tony Dube

Mary Campbell Interview

Collector, Mary Campbell When I was looking for more collectors of Vintage Baseball memorabilia to fill out the 2014 calendar, I asked my friend Brett Lowman from for help. He stepped up as he always does and gave me some names and information about a few collectors, one of them was Mary Campbell. After a few emails and phone calls, we had a date set to create some Collectographs™ from her vast collection.  Though baseball is only a small part of what she and her partner collects, she was excited about the project and happy to help.  I had such an enjoyable day at her home and creating these images. We talked as I worked and I learned so much! My time was limited but I was able to shoot three very cool images as well as interview her about her collection.  I hope you take a look!

2015 Vintage baseball calendar started!

Close up of vintage baseball glove Can you believe it?  I am working on the 2015 calendars already! Some of the larger buyers need to see the samples very soon, so I had to get busy. In working with my designer,Tripp Fischer, on the Vintage baseball calendar, he suggested that I use close up images of some baseball collectibles, maybe screened back in the lower half of the page where the dates are.  I loved the idea! When I called my friend Brett Lowman of, he said sure, come get what you need. He has been so generous with his collection and very enthusiastic about my project. If you are looking to purchase any baseball collectibles, please check out his site or give him a call; he has lots of cool stuff and will will treat you right.  Here is a sneak peek of a few images I may be using.  It’s going to look great!   Happy collecting! Tony Vintage baseball glove label Vintage baseball close up 2015 Vintage baseball calendar background image.

2013 Holiday Card Time lapse

  2013 Christmas/Holiday Card Hi!  My Collectograph™ Christmas/Holiday card drew quite a positive response this year from an assortment of people.  Collectors and friends alike commented on how "cool" it was.  They were full of all kinds of questions, but most revolved around how did I do it?  Was it all Photoshop? Were they all real vintage baseball gloves and old toys? Were they all hung on the wall? No, they were on the floor. LOL.  In the process of creating the card, I took a time lapse series of about 1500 still photos, about 5 seconds apart, over the course of two hrs and distilled them into a 2 1/2 min video. Now, you can see that it is now February and I created this image in December... what's taken so long!?!? Well, it's been apprehension over learning how to edit video.  Sorry. This weekend I decided to finally take the leap of faith and learn what I needed to learn to get it finished! For my first attempt, I think it's pretty good!  Have a look, leave comments and feedback.  I'm fine with critics as well as supporters.  Enjoy this Collectograph™ example! Tony Dube  

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