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About Tony Dube

Tony Dube A self-proclaimed “Vintage Photographer,” Tony Dube likes to think “Vintage” refers to anything prior to his childhood years of the early 1960s.

While in high school in Topsham, Maine, Tony dabbled in photography, but he decided to make it a career while serving in the Air Force. After he was released from active duty, Tony headed west to study at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.

For the past twenty-five years, Tony has polished his skills in the art and craft of commercial photography. An early adopter of new digital imaging technology, film became obsolete for him in the early 1990s. He became skilled at the new medium, including file processing, conversion to CMYK, retouching and digital manipulation. A short list of his commercial clients include: Lego, Sikorsky Aerospace, Mass Mutual, Big-Y Foods, BJʼs Wholesale Club, Eastern Mountain Sports, Jos A Banks, Nat Nast, Labrazel, Bic and many more.

The idea for Collectographs™ was born when Tom and Ellen Zappala asked Tony to create the illustrations for their new book, The T206 Collection The Players & Their Stories. As Tony created image after image of old baseball gear he became inspired. He discovered a passion for creating photographic images of vintage collectibles. Tony hopes you enjoy viewing his images as much as he enjoyed creating them. To see more examples of his work go to: White Point Imaging

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